Forecasts for auckland for 2020-8-12:

days prior Niwa Metservice
0 Partly cloudy, Moderate breeze S
1 NB! Read the comments in the apiChanges section in the XML, NB! Read the comments in the apiChanges section in the XML NNW
2 Rain showers, Moderate breeze N
3 Rain, Moderate breeze SSW
4 Partly cloudy, Moderate breeze SSW
5 Partly cloudy, Moderate breeze NNE
6 Rain showers, Fresh breeze ENE
7 Cloudy, Moderate breeze SSW
8 Rain showers, Fresh breeze SW
9 Rain, Strong breeze SE


rain maximum (mm) peak wind gust (km/h) wind direction temperature high (ºC) temperature low (ºC)
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About this page

Displayed above are text forecasts issued by different providers for the date 2020-8-12. These forecasts are recorded daily as they are issued in the days prior to the forecasted day. For dates prior to the present, the observed weather as recorded at local weather stations is summarized in the bottom table and the green overlay indicates correctly forecasted rain/dry days. The forecast scores as correct if rain is forecasted and rain is observed, or if rain is not forecasted and rain is not observed.